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(A)Moms Happy Hour features three amazing women committed to serving mothers of children with all abilities through a witty and fun exchange via their weekly podcast. Moms and caregivers also get together monthly at various spots around the country to unwind at our in-person Happy Hours. 

Syrenthia Colino

"I am thrilled to bring enlightening and fun conversation about special needs families to the masses."

Syrenthia Colino is the mother of an adult son Stephen Farris who is on the Autism Spectrum. She is also the Founder & CEO of Parents of Children with all Special Needs (POCWASN), an organization in the special needs community that bridges the gap between diagnosis to resources for parents and caregivers of an individual with all abilities. As the host for (A) Moms Happy Hour, Syrenthia is thrilled to bring the enlightening and fun conversation about special needs families to the masses.

Jamie Shelton

"This organization is not only for my own sons, but for all who have found it difficult to feel truly accepted on family outings in the “typical” world."

Jaime Shelton is the proud mother of two beautiful boys with autism, Nathan and Dylan. She is also the co-founder and CEO of AUPTIMISM, an organization she has taken tremendous joy in creating and building. As a co-host for the new weekly podcast (A) Mom's Happy Hour she wants parents to know it is okay to take time out to laugh, unwind, and maybe have a drink or two.  Of course only at least 3-4 hours before school pick-up, or after bedtime - not a prescription, just my suggestion (*wink). It is also a place where parents of typical kids listen in and find that common ground that we all have just as parents in general. Our kids are all amazing, and though there are and can be some rough times, the rainbow is greater than the storm.

Atiai P. Woody

"Stay tuned for my updates about the latest and sometimes controversial treatments for autism."

Atiai P. Woody is a graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Her prior experience includes adapting curriculum for inclusive classrooms while efficiently being a liaison in the community.


Her passion stems from her nephew that is severely brain damaged, due to a head trauma at birth. Even though her nephew had a head trauma, he was also diagnosed with Autism. This developed her new passion, thus creating the Puzzled Pathway.

The Puzzled Pathway is a not-for-profit organization that is geared toward Special Education Professionals, who have students/clients with Autism and other related special needs. It is their passion to be a relevant resource to Special Education professionals by providing classroom resources in the form of sensory items and community classroom adoption.


As a co-host for (A) Mom's Happy Hour, Atiai brings a wealth of resources, awareness, guests and community news. Stay tuned for her updates about the latest and sometimes controversial treatments for autism.

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(A) Moms Happy Hour is here to give you a 1/2 hour a week of “me time” to kick back, relax and laugh along with us! Let us put a smile on your face while you listen along to real life stories of raising autism, and the humor behind it.

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